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Lucky Break 147-Isabella Butterfly Mini Lop Buck



So Who are we?

We are hobbyist show rabbit breeder who shows all over the country, either at rabbit shows or as a private display at country shows, garden shows and family shows. The best place it is said to get a pet rabbit from is directly from a private hobbyist show rabbit breeder. However, it should also be remembered when looking to home a  rabbit that many rescue centers also have rabbits looking for new homes, please check if any rescues have the breed you are looking for. If you are not going to breed or show yourself then it doesn't matter how pedigree or not a rabbit is, just how healthy it is and what it looks like. Rabbit rescues are inundated with unwanted rabbits, often bought from pet stores or the result of unwanted litters from rabbits bought from a pet shop that could not even sex a baby rabbit. Please help the rabbit rescues if you can. Remember that a true rabbit rescue will only rescue and rehome rabbits and not breed them as well.

The advantages of getting a rabbit from a private hobbyist show rabbit breeder like us is that our breeding has been carefully planned and thought through with regard to producing robust, healthy rabbits of good temperament and hopefully we can sex my offspring correctly. We have only pure bred rabbits. We have aimed to produce rabbits that are of good size and a good example of the breed in accordance with the breed show standard, with the intention of keeping some of the young rabbits for ourselves for showing and or new breeding stock. However there will always be surplus rabbits that do not come up to show standard that we don't keep. These are offered to people wanting a  rabbit, or to other show breeders looking to introduce a new blood line.

 Perry, Fawn Butterfly Mini Lop Buck

 A young Prince Charming, Orange Butterfly

Dee has been a member of the British Rabbit Council for over 30 years and a member of the Rabbit Welfare Association for over 10 years. We keep and breed four types of rabbits these are:Mini Lion lops, Mini Lops, Lionheads, and Netherland Dwarfs. We also have three house rabbits- Socks, Rubin and Rimmer, and a yard rabbit called Rupert.

All of our rabbits are kept and cared for to the highest standard. we breed purely for ourselves and show purposes. Our rabbits are not breed for profit making. We pride ourselves on looking after our Rabbits, breeding them for our own personal pleasure, and only letting our surplus bunnies that are 10 weeks plus go to suitable homes. We can and do refuse a home, we believe that the person or family are not suitable. Any funds they generate are used for the up-keep and welfare of our rabbits. Anyone breeding and keeping rabbits correctly will make a loss on the sale of these rabbits. In July 2008 Dee  launched an internet shop to help fund our ever growing bunny family. If you are homing a bunny from us, please also support us by buying your cage or your accessories here. If you decide to go elsewhere or you already have a cage please check with us beforehand that it is suitable for the breed of rabbit that you are wishing to home. If you have the wrong size cage I will not let you have one of my bunnies.

We regularly handle my young rabbits, this makes them confident about being handled, all my rabbits leave me hand tame. We will take the time to make sure you understand what is involved with keeping and caring for rabbits. We will show you how to approach and handle your chosen rabbit. We will also give you a starter pack, this includes a weeks worth of the food that rabbit has been eating, a care pack on vaccinations, worming and care, plus on-going advice for the care and well -being of your rabbit. A neutering and bonding service is available for people wanting pairs or a companion for an existing bunny that's on it's own.

Baby Sprout Mini Lion Lop

Bart & Pumpkin Dwarf lop and Lion lop

Young Sootyfawn Mini Lop at a Show

Don't be surprised if we gives you the third degree, we need to make sure you are a suitable owner and you have the correct size home and understand, a rabbit requires a commitment of care for it during it's life. This could be 5-10 years or longer. The commitment required in caring for your rabbit includes not only routine feeding, care and time spent with the rabbit but also the provision of veterinary treatment if the rabbit becomes ill which can be costly. Although proper care will go a long way to ensuring that any rabbit remains happy and healthy there may still be times when prompt veterinary treatment is needed and once a rabbit is ill it can deteriorate quickly. Insurance companies do offer veterinary insurance cover for pet rabbits. We  can refuse a home! Potential owners must be 18 years old and more or accompanied by an adult. All Rabbits are health checked by myself or by a vet if you so wish (cost to be covered by you) prior to leaving for their new home. We will only let Rabbits that we am happy with go to new homes.

If you would like to reserve a rabbit or rabbits, we will require a £20* non-refundable deposits to secure the rabbit of your choice, your deposit will only be returned due to unforeseen circumstances on our behalf and not because you have changed your mind.

Please read our disclaimer and terms before enquiring about the rabbits. Please click here.

Mini Lops 8 weeks---So cute

Dee Millen only the best will do!


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